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Welcome to Crayonpop.net. We are currently the international largest resources and updates site for Korean girls group, named Crayon Pop.

The Crayon Pop Group Members

gun mi crayon pop Welcome to Crayon Pop
Gum Mi

Lead Dancer

Birth Date: 1988.6.18
Height: 165cm
Real Name: Baek Bo Ram
Constellation: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

so yul crayon pop Welcome to Crayon Pop
So Yul

Main Vocal with 3octave

Birth Date: 1991.5.15
Height: 160cm
Real Name: Park Hye Kyeong
Constellation: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac: Sheep

cho a crayon pop Welcome to Crayon Pop
Cho A

Main Vocal with 4octave

Birth Date:1990.7.12
Height: 160.5cm
Real Name: Heo Min Jin
Constellation: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac: Horse

ellin crayon pop Welcome to Crayon Pop

Lead Dancer

Birth Date:1990.4.2
Height: 165cm
Real Name: Kim Min Young
Constellation: Aries
Chinese Zodiac: Horse

way crayon pop Welcome to Crayon Pop

Main(lead) Vocal with 4octave

Birth Date: 1990.7.12
Height: 160.5cm
Education: Seoul Art College
Real Name: Heo Min Seon
Constellation: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac: Horse

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  • http://www.facebook.com/odayaka.makoto Odayaka Makoto

    Let me guess… “Choa A” n’ “Way” are twins…?? O.o

    • crayonpop

      very possible from their age. will update here if confirmed.

      • http://www.facebook.com/odayaka.makoto Odayaka Makoto

        No need to confirm, just look at them… their faces, and now we know that they have a same brth date… they’re definite;y twins… >.<

        • http://twitter.com/kimikun キミ君

          yeap, they are twins! It was revealed on their official blog! xD

          • shellehs

            My favorite is way.

    • ahbi ming

      im sure that they are twins…look at their real name…

    • Marujin Austria

      and they are both cancer and horse xD

    • yomama

      I used to think there’s only one Heo girl until I found out there’s two of them lol… no wonder why I got confused by how ‘her’ hair changes but same face.

    • Madi

      yep! In fact,way wasn’t originally in the group! Pre Debut they had a member,but dropped out to pursue an acting career! then they asked Way to join! They are really birth twins cause 1.Look at them! 2.same b-day and 3.Their Korean birth names! Cho-A’s is Heo-Min Jin or HeoMin Jin and Way’s is Heo Min Seon or HeoMin Seon! They share the same Family and Generational name,same b-day and look alike,making them twins!

  • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/althetime Albie

    Way is so cute, remind me of bias sohee

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  • http://zianasue.tumblr.com Ziana Nicole Mitchell

    who is the leader of the group?

    • Crazy Pop DC

      Gummi is the leader in Crayon Pop :)

  • Jhonghan Li

    Always support you, so they will continue to work hard Oh! FIGHTING
    Anxious to release new album :))

  • Devo Ngs

    Love u Girls! Add Me On Facebook.com/devongathem
    instagram:devong_heartbeat im counting on u :) ;)

  • Hanin Hanifah

    who is the leader ?

    • yosafbridge

      Gummi :)

      • http://www.tumbleweed.net/ tyger11

        She’s just the oldest. She’s said in multiple interviews that they have no leader.

  • Johnny

    Love you all !!!!!!!!!Support!!! Way soo lovely!

  • Johnny

    Anyone knows if the officer fan site can choose different language or not???

    • Nyellyaceeeee

      I think not yet :3 Can’t register too?

  • elena

    ellin and soyul<3

  • Hugo_Dear

    Hi guys,
    why you don’t ask adidas to make some commercials for them? I think your concept fit very good to a sportswear company. ;)

  • Pei Ton

    Please visit http://theworldofpeiton.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/crayon-pop-asks-for-money-instead-of-gifts/ to find out about what happened recently with the “Crayon Pop Scandal”

  • Pei Ton

    Crayon Pop SCANDAL!?! Read this: http://theworldofpeiton.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/crayon-pop-asks-for-money-instead-of-gifts/ to find out what really happened

  • peanutica

    When crayon pop coming singapore for concert :)

  • http://batman-news.com Derique Inglesias

    Thanks to Lady Gaga for introducing this simple gaijin to these brave and talented young Korean ladies. I can’t wait to see them perform in the U.S. Thier dance choreography is so well timed and original and thier music has such beautiful energy! I dont even know Korean, but I love Saturday Night, Bing Bing and Dancing Queen! Wa mani motani? I can say it..I LOVE CRAYON POP! Chumechoyo guday!

  • David

    Crayon pop enserio son las mejores las admiro mucho ojala nunca cambien como son y no dejen su forma de ser y no dejen su amistad las quiero chicas :’)

  • NyxxaeKim

    Crayon Pop is Love ~!! Way Fighting!! ^_^

  • Aleksander

    I love Gum Mi

    Height:169 cm

  • Aleksander

    My favoritt is Gum Mi

  • Aleksander

    Gum Mi are best : D

  • Aleksander

    I love Gum Mi

  • Aleksander

    My favorite is Gum-mi.